Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight – Review in 2017

Extreme life-threatening situations such as natural disasters and terrorism are on a rise which requires a simple, practical, pocket-sized military tactical flashlight offering high-performance lighting mechanism for strategic self-defense purposes for an outdoorsmen or an average handyman. Shadowhawk x800 tactical flashlight is an enhanced which prides being an essential benefit of being an essential tactical flashlight for America's tactical personnel, police, and the public.

Features at a Glance:
  • The flashlight is perfect for those working in the law-enforcement, military and security duties which require the use of a good flashlight to provide blinding light which is easy to carry and reach for in case of emergencies.
  • ​It has rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery which can last for more than 100000 hours providing convenience for travelers.
  • ​It has 800 Lumen LED Light bulb which has the best illumination among all the existing light bulbs which use fluorescent and incandescent lighting.
  • ​It features zoom functionality from 1X to 2000X magnification which ensures that the light beam is focused where it is needed.
  • ​The tactical flashlight has multiple operating modes which expands its functionality.
  • ​It is waterproof for up to 6 feet for a duration of thirty minutes.
  • ​It is made from aircraft and military grade aluminum which makes it compact, lightweight and durable besides withstanding weather elements.


  • It is multifunctional considering that you can use it to temporarily blind an assailant, show you the way in darkness, to signal companions when outside, hitting an assailant when attacked and can be used in all different environments.
  • It boosts emergency preparedness considering that its possession can help increase chances of survival besides being used as a tool for self-defense.
  • It is light weight considering that it is made of aluminum meaning that you won't break your back while carrying it.
  • It is pocket-sized which means that you can carry it about without needing any extra space as it can seat on a belt, in your purse, pocket or emergency kit and still leave a lot of space.
  • It comes in enclosed in a padded case which provides protection to ensure that it is easily stored and carried around.


  • Considering that the product is new to the market, it is relatively unknown. Therefore, you will rarely find users who have used the product for a long time to prove its durability. However, the specification and the materials used to build this equipment are a testimony to its quality. Therefore, if you overlook this problem and emphasize on its specifications, Shadowhawk X800 flashlight is promising.
  • The price of Shadowhawk X800 may appear elevated for the man in the streets. However, it is worth noting that it has a 75% discount coupon online. Also, bulk purchases benefit from economies of scale with its price gradually from that of one piece to that of ten pieces were it flattens. Therefore, if you are to purchase one flashlight as a necessity and know a family member or friend who might need one, order three and save a lot of money.

Top Contenders

A 2016 military grade tactical flashlight featuring highly polished composite lens far brighter than glass or plastic lenses, aircraft grade aluminum construction for lightweight purposes and is ultra-compact. It is also used for hypnotic alert, rescue, search, investigation and blinding intruders.

G700 Flashlight – a tactical military flashlight which turns night into day with its 700 lumens of LED power. It is designed for combat due to its durable aluminum body and sharp tips. It has six different focus modes, SOS signals and it 120000 hours lamp life.


UltraFire 878 LED Flashlight – which has a beautiful black color made from light-weight aircraft aluminum. The flashlight is water resistant but not waterproof. It has five flashlight modes and sapphire crystal lens, 900 lumens and an estimated usage time of 4 hours.

Our Opinion:

Shadowhawx X800 Tactical Flashlight

Besides being of the highest quality, Shadowhawk X800 tactical flashlight is trailed by a lengthy list of features which gives it a competitive edge over other flashlights. To start with, it comes with five settings which allow interchangeability to suit different needs. Besides its high, medium and low options, it has SOS and strobe options and some SOS settings. It is a fact that flashlights mean nothing if they do not last. The flashlight derives all its power from its AAA batteries and with its minimal energy use, it can sustain a whopping 100000 hours of lamp life.

Of course, when it comes to tactical flashlights, we have two main elements to focus on. These are the body and its bulbs. Shadowhawk tactical flashlight has an amazing strength capability which makes it stand out among the crowds with its 800 lumens equivalent to the 6OW bulb. Instead of being a fake metal or cheap plastic, Shadowhawk flashlight is made from an aircraft carrier aluminum. This is the same material which is trusted to carry the weight of an aircraft you know, and you could just stop to ponder on its quality. It is strong and compact, lightweight and waterproof up to six feet.

If you buy either Light strike 360, G700 or UltraFire 878 LED Flashlight, you should look out for its lighting strength and how far it casts its light. Doing this requires that you examine the number of lumens it has. With fewer lumens, its light would be less strong. This presumes that G700 will have less strong light as compared to Shadowhawk x800 but UltraFire 878 LED Flashlight is stronger than the two. Not just its lights but the number of hours of lamp life available for each. Also be keen on its waterproof capabilities and zoom functionalities. Higher zoom functionality means that light is focused strongly to provide the destabilizing blinding light required for its self-defense purposes.


In case you are in the market or planning to go shopping for a flashlight, the Shadowhawk X800 will be a kill for you. The tactical flashlight combines functionality, power, and portability in its small size. At this early age, it comes out as a major player in the tactical lighting industry. The product advertisement has not been adequately exploited as is expected of such excellent product but maybe it is because it is still new. It has excellent specifications, craftsmanship and material selection. Its cost is offset by the large cost which the manufacturer offers for its online purchases. Hence, it goes without saying that Shadowhawk X800 Tactical flashlight is a must have.