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Tactical G700 Flashlight Reviews – 2017

The G700 has been nicknamed the military flashlight because of its revolutionary features. With a tough, sturdy and exquisite look, the G700 is a flashlight like no other in the market.

Features of the G700.
  • Aircraft aluminum. This is the material that is used to create planes making them strong enough to withstand the resistance of the fast moving air. The G700 employs that same idea with the desire to be one of the toughest flashlights ever to exist. The claim by the manufacturers is the fact that this material can withstand being run over by a car. This assertion gives credit to the flashlight making it a very durable gadget to carry around.
  • Waterproof structure. This feature is one of the most impressive ever on a torch because the flashlight can be used both on land and underwater. The flashlight is very useful since it can then be used in all the environments and terrains.
  • Rechargeable battery. The hassle of constantly changing the batteries is not a problem in this small piece of ingenuity. It comes with its own rechargeable battery that can last for many hours in usage without needing a recharge. Additionally, the battery comes with the feature of easy charge whereby it takes only one hour to charge the battery fully.
  • LED technology. The G700 comes with a new form of lighting that has not been on the market for very long. With this technology, the flashlight can be able to project light over long distances as compared to the other traditional LED diodes. The new LED chips can illuminate a straight stretch of 2000 feet.
  • Different focus modes. This feature gives the flashlight more lighting choices to suit the different demands of customers. With six different focus models like the sphere, telescopic and square box, the g700 is as versatile as it can get.
  • SOS signals. This is a security feature present in all g700 that can be used to send out SOS signals to call for help in case of an emergency. Additionally, the flashlight can create blink signals that are well illuminated to aid in rescue in the event of a disaster.
  • Telescopic lamp glass. The type of glass used in creating the g700 is world-class since it can last 120,000 light hours without any defect or malfunction. This feature makes the flashlight one of the most durable torches available.


  • Has a broad range of zoom functionality. This makes it very suitable for different places and purposes.
  • Long battery life. The g700 can store charge for exceedingly long hence reducing the need to keep on recharging.
  • Durable aluminum or steel material that is sure to maintain the flashlight functioning for long regardless of being subjected to a rough environment.
  • Telescopic focusing beam that can view things that are distanced far.
  • Less bulky making it convenient for carrying around.


  • Limited availability. The g700 is only bought via online platforms and is not readily available in the retail stores.

In general, the g700 is a unique flashlight because of the capabilities and the things it can handle. However, other products offer competition to the tactical g700 flashlight. These include:

Produced by an American company, the shadowhawk comes in better in properties than the g700. The flashlight uses an LED emitter that is better than the one on the g700. However, the other structural features are same as the g700. Nevertheless, the X800 might be slightly better but based on the review of different customers; they would rather prefer the g700 to the x800.


It comes third in line after the X800 and the G700. It has the same structural features as the g700. However, it comes lower in rank because of the good review that the g700 has over it.

The flashlight resembles the Miltac military taclight and comes at the fourth place because of having less positive reviews.


Tactical G700 Flashlight

The tactical g700 is clearly the dominant brand in the market of flashlights because of its features. Regardless of having some features that are slightly lower than the x800, the g700 has the most market share. First of all, the tactical g700 flashlight reviews are more than its competitors because of having excellent product backgrounds. The LumiTact Company that comes from Missouri is known for its candidness regarding sharing the features of products. Therefore, people are drawn to it making it the best. A product with such grip on the market and having good reviews seals it as the best.

As compared to the other types of flashlights it has the highest number of modes and can be used for different reasons. Additionally, the g700 has the most durable glass life with a staggering 120,000 hours to it. Also the fact that it has one of the highest luminous flux. It means that the flashlight is extremely bright for the usual activities that an individual has. The LumiTact company that produces the product makes it more alluring to acquire the g700. Having a steady background makes people relate to a product. Moreover, the g700 has the waterproof qualities that are unlike any other flashlight. The ability to perform under any terrain gives this revolutionary gadget an edge in the market too. For emergencies, the tactical g700 can fish you out of trouble by making use of its security features. With the allowance for transmitting SOS signals, it comes in very handy in ensuring that a person stays safe and visible in the wild without any resort. The beacons created by the beam also helps greatly in ensuring that a person can be located with ease.

If I bought another flashlight like the ShadowHawk X800, I would definitely look forward to experiencing the extensive LED capabilities it has over the g700. On top of that, I would test the flashlight underwater to deduce between the two which is more dominant. The g700, however, can be bought from its official website. The flashlight can be shipped to anywhere in the world for a certain fee.

Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight – Review in 2017

Extreme life-threatening situations such as natural disasters and terrorism are on a rise which requires a simple, practical, pocket-sized military tactical flashlight offering high-performance lighting mechanism for strategic self-defense purposes for an outdoorsmen or an average handyman. Shadowhawk x800 tactical flashlight is an enhanced which prides being an essential benefit of being an essential tactical flashlight for America's tactical personnel, police, and the public.

Features at a Glance:
  • The flashlight is perfect for those working in the law-enforcement, military and security duties which require the use of a good flashlight to provide blinding light which is easy to carry and reach for in case of emergencies.
  • ​It has rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery which can last for more than 100000 hours providing convenience for travelers.
  • ​It has 800 Lumen LED Light bulb which has the best illumination among all the existing light bulbs which use fluorescent and incandescent lighting.
  • ​It features zoom functionality from 1X to 2000X magnification which ensures that the light beam is focused where it is needed.
  • ​The tactical flashlight has multiple operating modes which expands its functionality.
  • ​It is waterproof for up to 6 feet for a duration of thirty minutes.
  • ​It is made from aircraft and military grade aluminum which makes it compact, lightweight and durable besides withstanding weather elements.


  • It is multifunctional considering that you can use it to temporarily blind an assailant, show you the way in darkness, to signal companions when outside, hitting an assailant when attacked and can be used in all different environments.
  • It boosts emergency preparedness considering that its possession can help increase chances of survival besides being used as a tool for self-defense.
  • It is light weight considering that it is made of aluminum meaning that you won't break your back while carrying it.
  • It is pocket-sized which means that you can carry it about without needing any extra space as it can seat on a belt, in your purse, pocket or emergency kit and still leave a lot of space.
  • It comes in enclosed in a padded case which provides protection to ensure that it is easily stored and carried around.


  • Considering that the product is new to the market, it is relatively unknown. Therefore, you will rarely find users who have used the product for a long time to prove its durability. However, the specification and the materials used to build this equipment are a testimony to its quality. Therefore, if you overlook this problem and emphasize on its specifications, Shadowhawk X800 flashlight is promising.
  • The price of Shadowhawk X800 may appear elevated for the man in the streets. However, it is worth noting that it has a 75% discount coupon online. Also, bulk purchases benefit from economies of scale with its price gradually from that of one piece to that of ten pieces were it flattens. Therefore, if you are to purchase one flashlight as a necessity and know a family member or friend who might need one, order three and save a lot of money.

Top Contenders

A 2016 military grade tactical flashlight featuring highly polished composite lens far brighter than glass or plastic lenses, aircraft grade aluminum construction for lightweight purposes and is ultra-compact. It is also used for hypnotic alert, rescue, search, investigation and blinding intruders.

G700 Flashlight – a tactical military flashlight which turns night into day with its 700 lumens of LED power. It is designed for combat due to its durable aluminum body and sharp tips. It has six different focus modes, SOS signals and it 120000 hours lamp life.


UltraFire 878 LED Flashlight – which has a beautiful black color made from light-weight aircraft aluminum. The flashlight is water resistant but not waterproof. It has five flashlight modes and sapphire crystal lens, 900 lumens and an estimated usage time of 4 hours.

Our Opinion:

Shadowhawx X800 Tactical Flashlight

Besides being of the highest quality, Shadowhawk X800 tactical flashlight is trailed by a lengthy list of features which gives it a competitive edge over other flashlights. To start with, it comes with five settings which allow interchangeability to suit different needs. Besides its high, medium and low options, it has SOS and strobe options and some SOS settings. It is a fact that flashlights mean nothing if they do not last. The flashlight derives all its power from its AAA batteries and with its minimal energy use, it can sustain a whopping 100000 hours of lamp life.

Of course, when it comes to tactical flashlights, we have two main elements to focus on. These are the body and its bulbs. Shadowhawk tactical flashlight has an amazing strength capability which makes it stand out among the crowds with its 800 lumens equivalent to the 6OW bulb. Instead of being a fake metal or cheap plastic, Shadowhawk flashlight is made from an aircraft carrier aluminum. This is the same material which is trusted to carry the weight of an aircraft you know, and you could just stop to ponder on its quality. It is strong and compact, lightweight and waterproof up to six feet.

If you buy either Light strike 360, G700 or UltraFire 878 LED Flashlight, you should look out for its lighting strength and how far it casts its light. Doing this requires that you examine the number of lumens it has. With fewer lumens, its light would be less strong. This presumes that G700 will have less strong light as compared to Shadowhawk x800 but UltraFire 878 LED Flashlight is stronger than the two. Not just its lights but the number of hours of lamp life available for each. Also be keen on its waterproof capabilities and zoom functionalities. Higher zoom functionality means that light is focused strongly to provide the destabilizing blinding light required for its self-defense purposes.


In case you are in the market or planning to go shopping for a flashlight, the Shadowhawk X800 will be a kill for you. The tactical flashlight combines functionality, power, and portability in its small size. At this early age, it comes out as a major player in the tactical lighting industry. The product advertisement has not been adequately exploited as is expected of such excellent product but maybe it is because it is still new. It has excellent specifications, craftsmanship and material selection. Its cost is offset by the large cost which the manufacturer offers for its online purchases. Hence, it goes without saying that Shadowhawk X800 Tactical flashlight is a must have.

The Tac Light Review – Tactical Flashlights for 2017


With tac lights becoming popular and different companies flooding the market with biased tac light reviews it is very difficult to find a one with good quality. But search no more, we have done the digging for you, our taclight review for different products will help you get the best quality taclight out there for you.

Whether we are going out camping with friends, on trekking, or on a road trip a good handy flashlight is a must have equipment hence, we have taclights or tactical flashlights. They have specially built design and functionality that make them an ideal choice for replacing traditional flashlights, the latter of which are usually bulkier with comparitively poor performance. Tactical flashlights are military grade flashlights that are used by military personals and law enforcers.

Taclight is smaller in size offering around 700 lumens intensity which can be seen from more than 2 miles away, powered with one or two AA size batteries in just 5-6 inches long it can sure be lifesaver if stuck in some dark abandoned area. Taclights are a great choice for going hunting in dark areas or for emergency situations like if your car breaks down while traveling during night then taclight can be an ideal equipment to send distress signal to long distances for help.

Taclight's features include:
  • High durability: Steel and carbon fiber design ensure the durability of the product and holds up under rugged use. Bell and howell taclight at can withstand a pressure of humvee on it.
  • Sturdiness: It is designed to work without any problem under water, in boiling water and in extreme low temperatures, even when it is frozen in ice taclight works just fine without any problem.
  • Less fatigue: With its five hand grips design taclights are comfortable to hold and does not causes much fatigue while holding it for longer durations of time.
  • Environmental friendly: As ordinary flashlights emit harmful fumes which might be dangerous for our pets as they have very sensitive smelling sense, taclight emits no such harmful fumes.
  • More Brightness: Taclights are more than 20 times brighter than ordinary flashlights and can be seen from miles away
  • Smaller size: They have compact size of around 5-7 inches and are very lightweight making them easy to carry anywhere in your pocket.

Well for going out camping we have been reviewing one of the most important equipment, taclight, which is used to get to our destination but after we reach our destination, what are we gonna do about the lighting ? Use those traditional bulky gas lanterns.. NO. For that we have included tac light lantern review in our tac light review.

Tac light lanterns are small light weight lantern which are twice as bright as ordinary lanterns. They can be used to fill a whole room with light. Its features include:

Taclight Lanterns features include:
  • High brightness: They have twice the brightness of ordinary lanterns and can be seen from more than 2 miles away.
  • Compact and Portable: They are smaller in size and can be collapsed making it smaller than a smartphone and small enough to fit in a pocket or car compartment. Tac light lanterns are light weight and weigh less than a pound making them easy to carry any where.
  • Element resistance: It is designed to work under water, in ice and even in fire. Taclight lanterns are designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

While going through both of the products for our taclight review and taclight lantern review we had to examine their Pros and cons carefully.


  • Easy to Use: The design and functionality of both taclight and taclight lantern keeps the ease of use at its primary concern and doesn't disappoint.
  • Low Cost: Considering their excellent performance tac light and taclight lantern are available at very low prices at
  • Used by Professionals: Both these products are used by professionals which alone is enough proof for their reliablity.


  • Owing to their small size, it won't be very difficult to loose the taclight while going trekking as its can easily fall out of the pocket.
  • With its high intensity it can blind you for few seconds if flashed on eyes again and again.

But these problems can be taken care of by using special waist belts to hold tac light on your waist or we can use clothes with special zipper pockets to keep them still or maybe use small ropes to keep them tied to our arms or wrists. For other con precautions should be taken like avoiding children to get their hands on them and avoiding using taclights on face.

In our taclight reviews for many different products, the best product offering best value for money is:


This product offers about high lumen intensity with with 5 different preset modes to select the intensity of the light. It is made using high-grade aircraft aluminium making much more durable. It can even withstand the weight of a heavy duty car on it and extreme temperatures. All this is available at just $19.99 with lifetime guarantee making it the best available deal out there. For additional $10 we can get another bonus taclight.

Though costly but other alternatives for the product are:

This tac light offers 600 lumens with LED bulb powered by 2 CR123A batteries with total weight around 5.6 ounces for about $75.


This model offers 1200 lumens LED bulb with lithium ion batteries, weighing a total of 6.2 ounces at about $65.

This model provides 1000 lumens intensity at about $73.


Considering the cost of these alternatives in our taclight review the price per lumen is quite high as compared to Bell Howell taclight which might not be an ideal choice as all these alternative products aren't offering much guarantee time period.

The Bell Howell taclight can be bought on and you can get quite a deal by paying additional $10 bucks for an additional bonus taclight.

And for taclight lantern review the product from same company Bell and Howell using there specially designed Bell howell COB LEDs can be bought at for $19.99 and free upgrade to deluxe model with lifetime guarantee .

The X700 Tactical Flashlight – Reviews for 2017

Everybody has a flashlight. But what your flashlight can do is all that matters. The x700 tactical flashlight can only be compared to the flashlights that are used by elite military units. By the time you are done with reading this x700 tactical flashlight review, you will know why it is worth to spend money on.

Some of the features that make the x700 tactical flashlight great are;

  • Steel and carbon fiber design holds up under rugged use
  • Five hand grips reduce fatigue
  • No dangerous fumes to harm pets
  • The flashlight comes with a wonderful zoom mode; up to the magnitude of 2000x
  • It can switch to five preset modes i. e high to low.
  • It has a strobe mode which is typically a blinding flashy light which is very helpful in dealing with attackers.
  • An SOS mode. Most probably you may not know what the SOS mode is all about but it is when you use the light flash as a code of calling for help from tactical and rescue professionals.
  • It is so bright and can be seen from 2000Nm away. It has a brightness level of 700 Lumens of light.
  • It has a self-defense mode.
  • It can work in extreme weather conditions; even if placed in a block of ice, it will still work thereafter. It will even work after being placed in water that has been heated to 200 degree celsius!
  • It is made from high
  • grade aircraft aluminum.
  • It comes with a LED emitter.
  • It uses 3 AAA batteries that can be disposed of. The batteries have a long battery life; the bulb will last for 88764 hours.
  • It is compact and lightweight so you can carry it with ease anywhere you had love to go.
  • It has an adjustable focus beam.
  • You can turn into the low light mode when you are in dimly lit places or just have the right situations for emergency situations.


  • Comes at a very pocket
  • Friendly price. Considering all those features, you get the value for your money. The x700 tactical flashlight goes for only $ 56
  • It is very easy to use. It is made in such a way that you get the finest handling
  • It is used by professionals. Most of the x700 tactical flashlight reviews will tell you that it is used by elite military units and the police but that is not yet substantiated. Though other professionals like rescuers use the x700 tactical flashlight. That means that it is really a top quality product
  • Very efficient for other outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and camping
  • It is long lasting


  • The only con of the x700 tactical flashlight is that you can not charge it. But since the battery life lasts for a substantial amount of time, it should not be such a bother

The only con of the x700 tactical flashlight is that you can not charge it. But since the battery life lasts for a substantial amount of time, it should not be such a bother.

You don't have to replace the battery more often and that is not such a bother. Even other types of flashlights like the G700 tactical flashlight are not chargeable. The battery life of the Alumnitact x700 flashlight is pretty long and you don't need to get worried about the charge. However, the batteries are still replaceable so when they will get exhausted, you will replace them.

What are some of the other products that compete with the x700 tactical flashlight?

The x700 tactical flashlight is a product in its own league. However, there are other tactical flashlights that have pretty good features. In this review, we will be honest to tell you that the x700 tactical flashlight is the only one of its kind worth your money. Here is a list of other tactical flashlights that are good;

Our opinion; should you spend money on this flashlight?

The x700 Tactical Flashlight

Our answer is yes. The x700 tactical flashlight is a product that is worth the money. There may be a lot of crappy things that people say about it all over the internet but you don't have to listen to them. The features are great and compare them with what other products such as the Helotex give you. You will find that it is not even close to what the x700 offers. There are so many x700 tactical flashlight reviews out there that say negative things about it. Just look at the features. You will definitely get the value for your money by choosing to the x700 tactical flashlight.

What did we base our review on?

In this review we considered a number of factors. The main factor that we considered was the price. While tacticians may tell you that the x700 tactical flashlight is not worth the price, it is logical for you to consider the features that this flashlight offers. Being made out of aluminum is not really a thing to boast about the x700, but look at other features such as the Lumens and the zoom capacity. It is not expensive to cost over 50 bucks when the product offers 700 Lumens and a zoom power of 2000. It is definitely worth it.

The other thing that we considered was the users. You do not expect the military to use the x700 tactical flashlight and get the same results. The demands of the military are quite different from the demands of a camping enthusiasts. The philosophy of use is a major factor that you have to keep in mind when reading our review. In this review, we presume that it is for standard and professional use. You do not buy the x700 and expect it to deliver the same results as a flashlight that is used by elite military units. If bought by the right user, it is undoubtedly the best. The bottom line is, it is the best in its league.

Where to buy the X700 Tactical Flashlight?

The best place to buy the tactical flashlight is at the official distributor. If you buy it at the military supply store you will get a 75 percent off discount. The offer is available for a very limited time so go to and get it. Alternatively, If you don't want to buy from the military supply USA, you can buy it on Amazon.

Fenix Tactical Flashlight Review

Fenix PD35 Tactical Flashlight

A portable flashlight is something that is now an essential thing to have. No matter where you are heading towards, the portable handheld flashlight can be a saviour to you. There are plenty of flashlights available in the market. However, if you are looking for the best, then you should look no further than the Fenix flashlight PD35. For those who are unaware about this brilliant flashlight, here is a brief Fenix flashlight review that will help you understand why it is a must have product for everyone.

The thing that helps the Fenix flashlight to stand out of the crowd. Let us discuss some of the best features that make the Fenix pd35 tactical flashlight one of the best flashlights available in the market.

1. Anti-reflective coating and ultra-tough glass.

We often hear the complaints about the lens of the flashlights. Either they are unable to focus the light to the object, or have glass that easily get damaged. However, this may be not the case with the Fenix PD35. The reason behind this is the ultra-toughened glass lens that has been used in the flashlight and is proven to have better lifespan than most of the lenses used in the flashlights of other major brands available in the market.

In all, it can easily withstand the rough handling. It makes the flash light truly “usable in every condition”. So, for those who are looking for the ultra-durable flashlight with toughened glass lens, the Fenix pd35 is a great choice with almost no flaws in design, reliability and build quality.

2. Durable design

Apart from having a toughened glass lens, that provides it a flawless accuracy, build quality of the flashlight is another thing that makes it a perfect buy for the travellers as well as the general users. The flashlight is made up of durable aluminium which provides it the ability to withstand the rough usage. Moreover, the perfect shape and design of the flashlight makes it easy to hold and grip to make and makes it a perfect companion of your adventure trip. In addition, the flashlight is water and dust resistant that makes it a perfect buy for the adventure lovers. So, for those who are looking for a tough flashlight, with a perfectly durable design, the PD35 from Fenix is a perfect buy.

3. Digitally regulated output

Most of the flashlights available in the market often stop working when they were actually needed. The main reason behind this is either the low battery, or any other reason that interrupts the output voltage. In case you are using the Fenix PD 35, the output of the flashlight is digitally regulated. That means regardless of your battery stage, you will get a consistent performance from the flashlight. This makes it one of the most reliable and consistent flashlights available in the market. Moreover, the digitally regulated output helps you get the precise and accurate focus, that is an essential thing in emergency.

4. Low-voltage warning function

Imagine a condition where you desperately need a flashlight and you realise that there is no battery in your handheld flashlight. What will you do? Well, if you are having the Fenix PD35, you literally have no need to think about the battery life ever again. The flashlight has a low-voltage warning function that alerts the user well in advance to change the batteries. This basic function may help you to be prepared in advance. So, you won’t have to carry an extra set of batteries to deal such condition, just charge your battery whenever you are intimated to do so.

5. Limited Lifetime Guarantee

The best thing about the Fenix flashlight, is the company provides the limited lifetime warranty. So, no matter how rough you use the flashlight, you can always look at the company for the guarantee. This is an extremely useful thing for the buyers, and can be seen as the company’s confidence over the product. So, if you are looking for a reliable, well built, durable flashlight that can be used for years flawlessly, the Fenix flashlight will be a great choice.


There are plenty of plus points that can be seen as the pros of using the Fenix PD35 instead of other flashlights that term themselves as the best in their category. Some of these points are listed as follows:

  • Easy to use
  • Brilliant light-throw
  • Multiple Output Modes
  • Follows IPX-8 Standard


Although there are not much that we can ask for by looking at the features and plus points about the Fenix pd35 tactical flashlight, it would be really great if the flashlight provides a better lifespan in the turbo mode which would make it great for the adventure lovers. However, this can easily be overlooked by carrying extra set of batteries while you are heading for a nigh out.

Other options

In case, you are willing to compare the Fenix pd35 flashlight and other market leaders in terms of durability and reliability, then we would suggest you to look for the Solaray PRO ZX-2, J5 Tactical Flashlight, or the Solaray Pro ZX-1. Both of these flashlights provide good competition to the Fenix PD35 in terms of the luminance, battery life, and build quality. SO, if you are looking for the possible options for the Fenix or want to buy a backup flashlight to carry along with you, then these flashlights will be a perfect choice for you.

Where to buy

At last, the final question, from where you can buy the flashlight. And our recommended answer to this, would be to choose an online store where you can get some additional discount and exclusive offers that make the deal even more awesome. So, what are you waiting for? Buy the Fenix PD35 before the stocks end.

So, this was a brief Fenix flashlight review that showed some of the major talked-about features and points about the flashlight. Some of the unique features like the toughened lens, and limited lifetime guarantee make the PD35 a perfect tactical flashlight that almost everyone should once try. So, choose the seller and buy the Fenix PD35 tactical flashlight right now.

Best Tactical Flashlights Guide – Reviews for 2017

You can’t help but have a laugh (or scare) when flashlights seem to always fail at the worst possible moments in movies. But although the functional failure is an important part of the thriller, it is not something you want to happen to you in a real-life situation. Even if you are using one for recreational purposes only, it can be a pain in the wrong place when your flashlight fails or just doesn’t serve you well.

Granted, tactical flashlights by default are supposed to help you acquire targets in low-light situations. They are brighter than standard flashlights with lights that travel much farther, too. They’re also supposed to be more resilient for use under tough conditions.

Our Picks for the Best Rated Tactical Flashlights in 2017:

But, not all tactical flashlights are created the same…and different tactical flashlights work best for different purposes and under different conditions. And we know that whatever your intention, you want the best tactical flashlight for that purpose. And so we have drawn up a list of some of the top-rated tactical flashlights out there for different uses.

Step away from the paid and spammed reviews and let us provide you with objective and proven information that will help you make the right purchase decision.

We find this to be one of the most practical tactical flashlights around. First, it has a clip which you can use to hold the light onto your belt or any harness. Then there are the three light settings, which mind you are all bright by tactical flashlight standards. But the different light settings are great because you will not always want it so bright.

The J5 is very tough, it won’t let you down even if you drop it on hard concrete…or use it for self-defense. It is waterproof, too, so don’t worry about taking it out into a storm. This light, tactical flashlight uses a single AA alkaline battery for power, and is our top choice for most standard situations.

But, there are concerns that the belt clip may be a bit too loose for many practical situations. If you can work around this, the J5 V1 is worth a try.

The Atomic Beam tactical flashlight is one of the best-rated tactical flashlights in any sphere. This superlight flashlight is so tough it works just fine after being dropped from heights, held in ice and put in very hot oil. Being just 5 inches long and weighing 1.5 pounds, the Atomic Beam epitomizes the proverbial “pocket Hercules”.

The Atomic Beam has 5 light settings, all of which are very practical. The S.O.S mode as the name suggests is handy when you need help. The strobe mode produces a short, bright beam that is great for signal or self-defense situations. The other settings – Low, Medium and High – can be used as your lighting requirements change. It also has a wonderful zoom feature that allows you to zoom out up to 2,000x.

This flashlight is ecofriendly, comes with a practical, knurled grip and does not cost nearly as much as it really should.

It has no clip or pocket grip but you can buy one and attach to it.

If your primary focus is brightness, the Streamlight 88040 is what you want to go for. This tactical flashlight is so powerful it can burn your skin if directly exposed for a considerable period. It uses LED Solid Power Regulation to maximize power efficiency, giving you the best possible value for money in its category.

It is made from durable aircraft aluminum so unless you actually throw it onto a hard surface, it will not break on contact. Ideally. The 88040 is also tested and proven to be thoroughly waterproof so rest assured in that area.

It has 3 light modes which you can adjust as required by your situation or purpose. This tactical flashlight operates on a battery, so be sure to bring replacements along as it lasts about 1.5h with continuous use. You can also recharge the battery if you have power supply around.

This flashlight is the one of the closest you can get to tactical. It is military grade in terms of design material and accessories. The TC1200 is very tough and durable with a steel and carbon fiber base: it can withstand hard impact over a long period of time. It has a very convenient 5-hand grip making it extremely portable.

Just like the Atomic Beam, it has 5 light settings which you can use for different situations. The powerful batteries last about 100,000 lamp hours and the light can be zoomed to as much as 2000x. This light is safe for humans and pets, too.

The TC1200 comes with a handy kit including a battery holder, a rechargeable battery, a car charger, a wall charger and a holster. For all its features, it is quite small and easy-to-use.

Affordable, practical, durable and reliable, you can hardly go wrong with this military-inspired tactical flashlight.

This flashlight is a favorite among lawmen because of its small size, blinding light and sturdiness. The Shadowhawx X800 is made from aircraft and military-grade aluminum, making it both tough and lightweight. It is also weather proof and can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes without being damaged.

Its Lithium battery is rechargeable and can last up to 100,000 hours before needing replacement. The 800-lumen light can be zoomed up to 2000x making it one of the brightest fluorescent, tactical flashlights in the market. It has a multi-mode operation (5 settings) which you can adjust to your purpose.

For extra protection against impact, the Shadowhawx X800 comes with a padded case. The case also makes for easier handling.

The flashlight is still new in the market and the price may discourage you. But you can enjoy great deals on bulk purchases from top retailers. Other than price concerns, this flashlight comes highly recommended.

This tactical flashlight finds the perfect balance between aesthetics, durability and functionality. The attractive G700 is made from tough aircraft aluminum and is known to withstand extremely-hard impact. If you’re an ocean diver, you will want to use this flashlight as well because it is completely waterproof for any length of time. The lamp glass is made from some of the toughest materials available and can last 120,000h. In fact, it can be used in any environment and under any condition. It’s an outdoor person’s joy.

You don’t need replacement batteries with this flashlight, the battery is rechargeable and lasts several hours before you need to recharge. The G700 has zoom functionality and 6 focus modes including telescopic and sphere. It also has S.O.S and blink signals for emergencies.

With its sleek design, toughness and versatility, you would wish buying one is easy. It isn’t. You can only get them online and they’re not always available even so.

This is another tactical light that works when you need it most. It is a no-nonsense product that will work for you through any physical and environmental condition. It withstands heavy impact, works underwater and is not damaged by ice or extreme heat. Taclight is also ecofriendly as it does not emit harmful rays.

The flashlight is handy, about 6 inches long and has a 5-hand grip which make it portable and easy to use over long periods of time.

The Taclight is reliable and is powered by 1 or 2 long-lasting AA batteries. It produces 700 lumens of fluorescent light, making it one of the brightest in its category. It is also very affordable. However, you will want to be careful to not lose it because of its small size. Also, the light is very bright and can be dangerous to the eyes – it’s not something you want to play around with.

When a product is so good, you often hear grand stories about it. We don’t know if this flashlight is truly what Navy Seals use, but it sure meets the standard. The X700 is an extremely tough tactical flashlight which can be used under any physical and environmental condition. It is made of tough steel and carbon fiber, and remains fully functional if run over by several Humvees, placed in boiling water or held under ice.

The X700 also comes with a very powerful 700 lumen flashlight and can focus objects several miles away. It has the 5 light operation modes making it handy for any situation. The flashlight also comes with other great, unique features including self-defense mode, LED emitter, and superior zoom functionality. The battery is non-rechargeable but it lasts several hours.

The X700 is light, easy to handle with a 5-hand grip, and does not emit harmful rays. This durable flashlight is a bit pricey but considering its capabilities, you may find it worth the cost.

While most other flashlights focus on durability of the body and brightness, the Fenix gives unprecedented attention to the sturdiness and functionality of the glass lens. The glass is so tough it does not crack even under very sever conditions. It also has some of the best lens focus capabilities in its category, you cannot feel shortchanged.

It does not come with a 5-hand grip but the design and texture make it easy to handle for long periods. The flashlight is also waterproof and dustproof making it a tough and durable companion for the outdoors.

Now about those moments in movies where the flashlight goes out when needed the most? Can’t happen with the Fenix. It is digitally regulated which guarantees power and light whenever you need it. Ideally. For good measure, it has a low power warning so you know in good time when you need to change the batteries.

With multiple output modes and a turbo mode for when power is low, the Fenix wins the practicality battle.

Our Flashlights Review Criteria

We review flashlights based on many factors but the key ones are brightness and toughness. This is because we believe that tactical flashlights must meet these basic standards for being called tactical, otherwise they may just as well be kitchen and garage torches. We have therefore made sure to present you only with products that we have tested and proven to be powerful and sturdy enough to give you good value for your money. All of the flashlights we have reviewed can withstand rough handling and extreme environmental conditions to varying levels. Your choice should be guided by your purpose and general activities. Which takes us to the next factor we have taken into consideration:

Ploarnovo X700 Tactical Flashlight

Use. As we said in the beginning of the review, different tactical flashlights work best for different purposes. The x700 is best for military use and use in extreme weather conditions. The Fenix is best for spending long periods in the outdoor. The Shadowhawx X800 is great for lawmen. The Lumitact G700 is excellent for underwater activities for long periods at a time. And so on.

Some users have more than one flashlight to serve different purposes. The important thing to note is that you must try get the best in its category, and that’s what we have tried to help you do with this review.

Price is another very key factor we have considered. Many of the tactical flashlight products we have reviewed have costlier alternatives but these alternatives do not provide any significant advantages to warrant a mention. We seek to help you find the perfect balance of affordability, functionality and durability.

Other very important factors we have taken into consideration include power source (read reliability) and portability. All of these factors form our checklist for reviewing tactical flashlights. If you want to purchase a tactical flashlight that is guaranteed to serve your purpose, we have provided you with some of the best options around.


Tactical flashlights are a very important part of the gear for both outdoor and indoor activities. There are several tactical flashlights available in the market, even by a single brand. It is easy to get carried away by singular factors such as design, brightness or a dazzling demonstration of toughness. But if you do not know what to look out for, you may end up buying a product that isn’t really what you need.

Expert advice: When buying a tactical flashlight, the fundamental thing to consider is what you need it for. With this in mind, you can then try to find the right balance of all the other key factors such as price, portability, ease of use, durability, brightness, power source. You can hardly go wrong with this practice.

The TC1200 Tactical Flashlight – Reviews for 2017

TC1200 Tactical Flashlight

TC1200 tactical flashlight is a brilliant high performance and military inspired flashlight that is designed to meet all user requirements that a tactical flashlight could contain at an affordable price. It boasts of light weight with weapon-grade aluminum covering to strengthen if it falls and also to increase durability.

TC1200 has five mode settings namely

Low Mode

Medium Mode

High Mode

SOS Mode

Strobe Settings Mode

Its batteries are durable with the capability of lasting for one hundred thousand lamp hours. It also has a capability of focusing 1X, 250X, 500X, 1000X, and 2000X LED emitter light ranges.

The TC1200 comes with a tactical kit which contains the following

1 AAA battery holder

One rechargeable battery

One wall charger

One car charger

One TC1200 holster

Holster a secure and stable pocket like storage for hanging on your belt.

Some of its features include.
  • TC1200 has a five hand grip that is necessary for reducing fatigue when using the flashlight for an extended period. This hand grip is also designed to ensure that the torch is held firmly and hence reducing chances of slipping of the hands.
  • It is made up of steel and carbon fiber design that holds up when the flashlight is under rugged use
  • For safety purposes, it does not to produce dangerous fumes which cause harm to pets if they came into contact with the torch.
TC1200 has advantages which include
  • It is designed in a simple manner hence making it very easy to use
  • In comparison to what it can do, TC1200 is cheap with the cost starting from as low as 17,99$
  • Another advantage of the TC1200 is its small size. It is small and compact in size hence making it easy to carry
  • The aluminum materials used for encasing it are hard and not easily destroyed hence its durability is maximum.
  • It also emits a high amount of light as the led light bulb is brilliant. These make the flashlight very reliable.

From TC1200 tactical flashlight reviews, we find that it also provides self-defense capabilities. Making it a suitable choice for police officers and security personnel. These are because it has a disorienting strobe effect which can be used to blind the target permanently and it also contributes to identifying threats in a low light environment. Some tactical flashlights have serrated bezel used as a striking device in times of attack.

TC1200 tactical flashlight also has some disadvantages

One of them is that it is not easy to use a tactical flashlight when using a gun. Hence it requires one to learn how to use a tactical flashlight when using a weapon. For weapon-mounted lights, the problem is with the flashlight is mounted on your gun, you have to point your gun at the object you want to illuminate. These are not very safe as the target could be in another direction. However, using small, tactical flashlight one can safely assess the situation without pointing a gun at a non-threat hence solving the weapon-mounted light problem. Also, when using a gun and a tactical flashlight in a two handed flashlight technique, it is possible to point your gun at a non-potential threat. These are because if you want to shine a light on something, you will have to point your weapon at that object. Although it is a safe measure by keeping your finger on the trigger, there are chances that you are pointing at a non-threat. These can be solved by holding the tactical flashlight in the non-dominant hand and keeping the light on your eye with the other hand holding the gun extending out.

Reviewing other tactical flashlights

It is a fantastic flashlight which comes at an affordable price. It is bright, built withC4led technology, making it one of the brightest tactical flashlights on the market. The brightness is a product of LED solid power regulator which outputs the most efficient light. These LED solid power regulator regulates the power output or the tactical flashlight enabling that it is not overused hence minimizing the risk of a battery dying.

The stream light tactical flashlight is also waterproof hence it can be used even under water. These also increases its durability. Like the Tc1200, stream light also made of the aircraft aluminum hence it does not break when dropped. Unlike the Tc1200, stream light has only three modes.

Read our full review of the STREAMLIGHT 88040 PROTAC

It is a quality and a quite reliable tactical flashlight with a large lumen which when in maximum state produces 1200 lumens. It fitted with the ultra bright XM-L T6 Super silicon carbide single Die LED chip. These are the best-LED bulb on the market, making it suitable for security and other lighting purposes. Its main features are that it distributes energy making sure that the Lithium battery lasts longer. Also, its batteries are rechargeable hence one does not have to replace the flashlight when the batteries wear off. It has a focus zoom feature making it very versatile.

This feature enables you to set your preferred functions in accordance to your needs. It comes with a deluxe corded lithium ion charger, a bonus mini-pro 1 LED flash, and it carefully packaged in cardboard with a secure magnetic lid. Some customers pointed out that it is hard to use as the zoom feature requires a significant amount of force to adjust the lens.

It is a durable and versatile flashlight with all features expected in a tactical flashlight. Its unusual feature is that it has a focusing lens which allows you to adjust the light in agreement with your needs. These are helpful, especially when you want to see something in the distance, you narrow the beam.

It comes with five modes. It is water resistant up to 3 feet of water. It has flexible power options. You can use AAA batteries, alkaline batteries or rechargeable ones. It also has a ring to hang it hence making it suitable for camping.

With much said about tactical flashlights, I would highly recommend readers to buy the TC1200 tactical flashlight. You can buy it directly from Amazon.


Atomic Beam Tactical Flashlight – Reviews for 2017

Atomic Beam Tactical Flashlight

Tactical flashlights are in a hype nowadays. There are various atomic beam flashlight reviews on the internet which help you to choose the best one. So, today we are going to talk about Atomic Beam USA Tactical Flashlight. In this atomic beam flashlight review, we are going to see what makes this particular atomic lantern good over the others that are available on the market today.

Atomic Beam USA tactical flashlight does not actually contain any nuclear components. However, the name Atomic beam comes because it is made up of atoms, like everything around us and it includes us as well. It is a unique portable atomic beam lantern which is nothing like the others that are available on the market today. It is endorsed by Hunter Ellis, a former navy pilot, and an award-winning TV host.

Some important features that make Atomic Beam USA Tactical Beam superior to the others are:

Built With Quality Materials

The flashlight is made of Tough Grade Aluminum casing which helps it in portability because of it being light weight. And if that was not enough, it also helps the flashlight to be very durable even with a rugged use. It is just 5 inches long and less than 1.5 pounds. As seen in the advertisement, there is the impact test where the flashlight is dropped on the floor from several feet in the air, and when tested again, it works absolutely fine. This test is used to determine how good the flashlight functions and to withstand a drop to concrete from a specific height. If that was not enough, they showed us that even when enclosed in ice or pulled out of boiling oil, it works fine.

Flash Modes

The flashlight shines up to 5,000 Lux and gives you the freedom to extend the range up to 2,000X zoom. This flashlight has a total of 5 modes.

1. High Beam

When you are in a pitch-black environment, the flashlight helps you to use high beam which is using all the 5,000 Lux, and according to the manufacturer, it is “One of the powerful flashlights on this planet”.

2. Medium Beam

This mode can be used when there is low light.

3. Low Beam

This mode can be used in a camping environment where you do not need a bright light.

4. Strobe

Strobe mode can be used to startle someone, which makes it the best self-defense tool. It is very useful when someone is trying to attack you. The torch flashes at a great speed and it is very bright helping you to blind the person a short period.

5. S.O.S

When you are lost or need any assistance, you can use this feature. The light blinks at a low speed and makes you visible to the people.

Grip to Reduce Fatigue

The handle of the torch has knurled grips. What it does is, it reduces the fatigue and helps you get a firmer grip which makes the torch almost impossible to slip.

Zoom Functionality

Atomic Beam USA Tactical Flashlight features a 2,000X zoom functionality, and it is very easy to use. The torch head is movable in a to and fro motion, in simple words, forward and backward motion. When you push the head toward the front end, you will have the 2,000X zoom, and the light that is emitting goes to the farthest distance. However, the shape of the light will be a little square but it is very bright, allowing you to see what is there.

And when the head is pulled back to the other end, you will see the shape as a circle but the range is shorter.

There are markings on the head which will allow you to choose the magnification range.

No Harmful Fumes are Emitted

Using this flashlight is fame for both you and the animals around you as this lantern does not emit any harmful fumes. Making it eco-friendly.


  • Easy to Use : Thanks to the light weight and simple setup, it is very easy to use. All you need is 3 AAA batteries or 1 rechargeable 3.7V Lithium-ion battery of Type 18650 Which is not included with the flashlight.
  • Low Cost : The Atomic Beam USA Tactical Flashlight is one of the cheapest and the best product available on the market today. With a price of $19.99, you will get yourself a powerful outdoor gadget without breaking your bank.
  • Used by Professionals : Atomic Beam USA Tactical Flashlight is used by many professionals including Hunter Ellis, an ex-navy pilot, and an award-winning TV host. According to Hunter, it is an “Ultra-bright flashlight that features tactical technology used by the US special forces.”


  • No Pocket Grip : The Atomic Beam USA Tactical grip does not have a pocket grip. It is not a deal breaker for a lot of people. However, including it would have made it a perfect package.

The solution to fix it is very simple. All you have to do is, to buy a pocket grip which is sold individually and it does not cost a lot. Adding it to your flashlight would help you to clip it down to your pocket for more safety and it can be used to spot it quickly.


To conclude this atomic beam lantern review, the Atomic Beam USA Tactical flashlight is a very powerful and pocket-friendly torch which can be very useful for outdoor use, not only that, thanks to the Strobe feature, it can also be used as a self-defense tool. According to a lot of atomic lantern reviews, this flashlight is the best one that money can buy. By many atomic flashlight reviews, Atomic Beam USA Tactical Flashlight is the brightest flashlight that is available on the market today and the price of it is unmatchable. Because of its size and the weight, it is easy to carry and thanks to the built quality, it is very sturdy and durable. Try it yourself to believe it.


J5 Tactical Flashlight Review 2017

If you are looking for a high quality tactical flashlight that you can carry with you, is heavy duty, and offers a bright light that adjusts to your needs, then you will want the J5 V1 Tactical flashlight. These amazing lights are not only adjustable but will provide you with everything you need from a tactical flashlight. Our J5 Tactical flashlight reviews will give you all the information that you need to decide if this wonderful flashlight will offer you everything that you need from your tactical flashlight.

There are several features that the J5 V1 Tactical flashlight will provide you as you use and enjoy this product. These features include:

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Body
  • Impact Resistance
  • Compact Design
  • 3 Light Settings

Each of these features will ensure that your flashlight is not only durable but easy to carry with you no matter where you are going. It will also help you to adjust to any situation to ensure its use in all situations and conditions. Not only is this an amazing quality in a flashlight, but makes sure that you have confidence in the light before you take it around with you.


You will notice that there are several benefits that you will receive from this flashlight that will ensure your happiness with the product. The pros to the J5 Tactical flashlight will not only encourage you to learn more but help you to determine if the light fits your wants and needs.

  • Durable outer body to prevent damage that could ruin other flashlights.
  • Impact resistance to help it withstand being dropped or used as a weapon.
  • Waterproof to prevent any damage in the rain or use in areas where water would otherwise pose a problem.
  • Uses a single AA alkaline battery to power the light.
  • Offers 3 different light settings including two brightness levels, high and low, and a strobe setting for use in blinding an attacker.
  • Compact and lightweight enough to comfortably fit into your hand and carry with you no matter if you are a man or woman.
  • Ability to replace or get a refund if you are unhappy with your purchase of this product.


The only downside to the light that many J5 V1 Tactical flashlight reviews have pointed out is that the belt clip on the side of the light is looser than expected. One J5 V1 pro tactical flashlight review pointed out the concern that the clip could become loose or fall from your belt or bag while you are carrying it around.

A few other J5 Tactical flashlight reviews suggested that the clip could simply break in the process of taking it in and out of your pocket. This is an understandable issue as you don’t want to lose the flashlight while you are out and about. However, it isn’t a complete deal breaker for those who are looking to buy this light as many have found there are cases that you can keep the light in and still connect it to your belt or simply carry it in your pocket.

Top Contenders

You will find many J5 V1 pro tactical flashlight review on the internet that will show you everything that is amazing about these lights, however there are a few competitors out there who are slightly better than the J5 V1 Pro. These lights offer much of the same benefits but seem to be a little sturdier or last a bit longer battery wise.

Each of these other J5 Tactical flashlights offer many of the same benefits as the J5 V1, however they are either more expensive or slightly heavier.

Our Opinion

J5 V1 Tactical Flashlight

We chose to collect information from many J5 tactical flashlight reviews to ensure that you have all the information you need in one place. In our opinion the J5 V1 Tactical flashlight is an excellent option for anyone who wants to buy a high-quality light. Not only will you be able to enjoy the features offered but know that you have a dependable light. Many of the J5 Tactical flashlight reviews out there have also pointed us to the J5 V1 Pro specifically as it is just as durable as other models without the higher price tag attached.

A few reasons why we like the J5 V1 include the price as you can pick it up for $15 to $30 and you can trust it to last. This can allow you to buy a dependable light that won’t cost you a lot of money to power due to only using a single AA battery, but doesn’t cost a great deal of money to purchase in the first place. Some of the customers who have written J5 Tactical flashlight reviews have said that they not only enjoy this particular model but have owned their own for quite a while without any issues. This has proven to us the durability and impact resistance of this light as many reviewers have also shared video of its strength making it dependable.

By purchasing another J5 tactical flashlight model you may find a bit more sturdiness in the belt clip as well as increased brightness in the light due to the higher lumens. The J5 Hyper-V offers 400 lumens and the J5 V2 provides 750 lumens. While the brightness can be useful you need to think about whether it is necessary. The other difference is the price which seems to go up the brighter light the J5 Tactical flashlight offers.

Where to Buy

You can find the J5 V1 Tactical flashlight through the J5 Tactical website or you can purchase it through Amazon depending on which you feel more comfortable with when shopping online. The benefit of purchasing this light through Amazon is that you will only pay $15 for the light instead of $30 from the official website. However, you can still return the light for a full refund or replacement if you are unhappy with it as both Amazon and J5 Tactical will honor the warrantee and guarantee of the product.

The Brightest Tactical Flashlight – Reviews for 2017

Have you ever considered buying a flashlight? If you have, then take a look at this article. We found the brightest tactical flashlight for you. So, let’s get down to business.

Have you ever heard about Streamlight 88040 ProTac Tactical flashlight? Here are some features and specifications:

  • Extreme brightness that this flash light produces is generated y the LED Solid Power Regulation. This will give you the best and efficient light output in relation to the life of your battery. It means that it will regulate the power output and that will ensure the battery doesn’t get overused. This can eliminate the risk of battery dying on you.
  • This super bright flashlight also has features like waterproofing and it makes it even more durable high power LED flashlight.
  • It is made of aircraft aluminum, so if you drop it it won’t break so easy. Tactical flashlights need to be very sturdy because of the nature of their use
  • This super bright flashlight has three operating modes. It means that you can choose the mode and you can adjust your tactical flashlight to the setting that you desire depending on the environment that you are in.


  • The price is very low. You can order it now and pay only 75 dollars
  • It is battery powered so you can bring reserve and you don’t have to be afraid of charging it on a cable
  • You will get 2 years of warranty, and you need to keep the proof of purchase
  • It comes with Streetlight battery that you can recharge
  • Many professionals are using it. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be a professional because this super bright flashlight is very easy to use


  • It can burn your skin but ONLY if you hold it directly against your body for a long period of time
  • Average battery life is only 1.5h. But the good news is that, as we mentioned before, you can bring some reserve batteries and this problem is solved

There are some tactical flashlights that could compete with this one.

First of all, there is SOLARAY PRO ZX-2 tactical flashlight. This one is very reliable tactical flashlight and it is ideal for anyone working in security or someone who is spending a lot of his time in survivalist environments, going hunting or maybe camping in the wilderness.

Streamlight 88040 ProTac Tactical Flashlight

Then we have Vizeri 230 tactical flashlight that is very durable. It has many modes and the features that are necessary for any quality tactical flashlight. And it comes with a good price as well. The best feature on this one is that it has focusing lens. This will give you an option f adjusting this flashlight to your needs in a blink of an eye.

Another one that is great to have is OUTLITE A 100 tactical flashlight. It is very versatile and very reliable with several modes that can help you accommodate in almost every situation. This extremely bright tactical flashlight will offer you great visibility and it is ideal for anyone who works in police force, security or even military. This one is also great if you are a hunter or you are a camping fan and you want to take a long trip in the wilderness.

Our opinion:

You must be wondering why did we choose Streamlight 88040 ProTac tactical flashlight to be our favorite. Well, This item can be of a great help if you find yourself lost in the woods, or even worse, in a burning house or building. The Streamlight is built with very powerful C4 LED technology and it makes it one of the brightest handheld flashlights ever made. Customers are saying that it is very reliable and it will never fail you. For this price, you will be purchasing a powerful LED flashlight that is superior to others that you can find on the market today.

If you asked yourself why we told all these things about this specific bright flashlight in this review, you need to know that we listened to the customers and we researched the product itself. Streamlight 88040 ProTac is professional tactical flashlight with high and low strobe and it is very cheap considering the quality you get when you buy this amazing flashlight. It has the newest C4 LED technology that is making this flashlight extremely bright and powerful. LED Solid State Power Regulation will help you save battery and you can get wet with it because it is waterproof. It has three different operating modes and antiroll face cap.

If you choose to buy some other flashlight that we mentioned, you can expect that you will spend the same amount of many for a flashlight that is not as quality as Steamlight 88040 ProTac. You can buy some smaller flashlight that is easier to carry around, but with this one you will be sure that you have something that will never fail you. If you find yourself in the middle of the wilderness and the rain starts pouring, some other flashlight may not be waterproof and then you will be in trouble.

So, if you like hiking in the woods, exploring the nature and camping, this flashlight is for you. It is affordable and for that price you will get super bright flashlight that can help you in most dangerous situations. This is a powerful tactical flashlight that you won’t break easily and it won’t leave you when you need it the most. With Steamlight 88040 ProTac you will be able to go in the water and that is a big plus. You can order it now on Amazon, and the shipping is free. There is a chance that you can find used one, but it is always better to buy a brand-new flashlight. The original price is 135 dollars and if you order it now you will save almost 60 dollars, and that is 44 percent of the original price. Just remember to have an extra battery and you can start exploring nature without fear of the dark. This is an amazing item that is very cheap and affordable for everybody and is recommended by professionals from all around the world.